Since 1956

The company was founded in 1956 by David Richardson Schrader. David was a decorated sea rescue pilot for the Navy in World War II. After graduating from the College of the Pacific in 1949, he worked for an underground contractor in the Bay Area called AG Peters. Over the next several years he gained the experience and motivation to start his own business, Sanco Pipelines.

With the assistance of his wife, Jean, David operated Sanco Pipelines efficiently and profitably for 30 years. In 1970 David brought aboard as superintendent, his son and current President, David Robert Schrader. David Robert graduated that same year from University of the Pacific with a degree in Geology.

The relationship between father and son continued until 1985 when David Richardson and Jean retired. David Robert hired key employees to help with the company’s rapid growth and expansion through the 80’s and 90’s. In 1985 Donald Drexel was hired as general manager and CFO.

Today Sanco Pipelines has over 150 employees and works throughout Northern and Central California. Both of David Robert’s children, Braden and Shannon Schrader-Connelly, are actively working in the business to continue the legacy their grandfather started nearly 60 years ago.